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In 1975 an artisan company
Argentini Adriano was born


The artisan company Argentini Adriano was born on March 21st 1975 as a small carpentry in the province of Venice.



Year after year the company consolidates its position pursuing important aims and this allows Mr. Argentini to start a new business in the field of moulding. So in 1982 Union was born.
The excellent entrepreneurial attitude united with a great respect for the employees brings the two companies to highest levels and this fact permits an investment in human resources and machinery.


In 1999 the brand La Nuova Era was born from an idea of Fabio Argentini and the star of made in Italy begins to shine all over the world.

Gruppo Argentini


It is in this moment that the need to create a corporate business becomes stronger so that in 2005 Gruppo Argentini was founded. The group holds the knowledge of the three companies that work both on behalf of a third party and in collaboration with each other in order to guarantee the 100% of the made in Italy production.


A tradition that continues from father to son

At present the companies of Gruppo Argentini take up an area of about 4000sq.m.(1000sq.m. of which are destined to warehouses for loading and unloading),
They have a qualified staff and important productive departments. The heritage left to his children has become a pride for them who, with knowledge and passion, continue today their father's work