La nuova era



In 1999 the brand La Nuova Era was born from an idea of Fabio Argentini and the star of made in Italy begins to shine all over the world.


The company makes available a knowledge matured during the decennial activity of planning and production of professional and semi-professional coffee machines in order to comply with the clients' requests thanks to the different customizations.

Made in Italy

All the components of La Nuova Era machines are strictly of Italian origin and thanks to the collaboration with the other units of Gruppo Argentini the production turns out to be almost totally internal and independent.
The strength of La Nuova Era is given by its presence on foreign markets
The strength of La Nuova Era is given by the presence on the foreign markets where the company keeps expanding and making its name known rapidly also thanks to its dealers that are displaced over the most important commercial and economical areas of the world.